Bonners Ferry woman watches wolverines stroll property

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A Bonners Ferry woman living on Bonners Ferry’s North Side arose early one morning last week, and was welcomed by a relatively rare sight; a pair of young wolverines strolling along the boundary of her property, heading west.

“They are beautiful animals, and their tails are gorgeous,” she said.

While wolverines have a ferocious reputation and the ability to take down prey far larger than themselves, the woman, who requested anonymity to reduce the chance of people trying to locate the critters, said she didn’t even consider trying to approach them, or get excited by their presence, instead being content to enjoy watching them go about their day, walking her fence line and heading out into open farm land.

“They went about their business, and  I was lucky enough to be able to watch them,” she said. “They are truly beautiful animals.”

Not so long ago, wolverine ranged far wider than they do now, with sightings as far south as Kansas fairly common as late as the mid- to late-1960s. But now they are confined to more northerly climes, with central Idaho being the southernmost part of their range in the United States.

It wasn’t her fist time seeing a wolverine. She said about five years ago, she got to watch an older one traipsing east on her property on Fawn Lane north of Bonners Ferry.



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