Comments on ‘Former comic riles neighbors with ‘Bearteria’ plans’

Your Owen Benjamin story is laughable. I’m not a bear, but I’ve listened on and off to Owen over the past year.

He spends most of his time encouraging people to build things and grow crops. Basic self sufficiency as a lost art.

Oh, he would probably suggest that you stay away from pop culture, drugs and porn. After all, health is for the mind, body and soul.
Regarding the property, he has noted that it can be a camping retreat or possibly a wedding venue. He has noted that those who donated will be able to use the facilities, but due to the size of the property people would have to work out a schedule.

Sounds crazy, right?

A beautiful wilderness site to have a wedding or weekend retreat. Next thing you know they will gather, without masks, to offer tips on making cheese and yogurt!

Slow news day, I assume. You should go look at what your schools are teaching. Look into where your politicians are spending your tax dollars.

Perhaps leave local law abiding families alone.


Dear Grabbler $@#! sucker, defamation lawsuit inbound.

Jed Sinsheimer

To: Office of MIKE WELAND

From: Office of Hector Bear

Greetings MIKE WELAND,

I am writing this NOTICE in response to a slanderous and defamatory article published on May 25, 2021, by you, MIKE WELAND, titled:


This letter has been incited by you, MIKE WELAND, an agent of the “KOOTENAI VALLEY TIMES”. It is shameful that you would publish an article that harasses, slanders and defames me, a man.

I, a man, Hector Bear, have a right and interest to the private property you so defame and slander. I, am man, Hector Bear, have a lawful, common law standing to bring claim against you, MIKE WELAND, an agent of the KOOTENAI VALLEY TIMES, and any man, woman, or PERSON representing the Corporation, known as KOOTENAI VALLEY TIMES, who is responsible for publishing the defamatory and slanderous article titled:


In the article, you, MIKE WELAND, make statements that are utterly false and put the life at risk of all of the men and women who have an right to this property. It is a shame, that, you, MIKE WELAND, a so called journalist, would make such serious allegations without any regard for the safety and security of the men and women who have a private right onto this property.

By inciting and making claims to which you have no personal knowledge of, that I, a man, along with other men and women who have a right to this private property, are organizing a “ruby-ridge-style compound”, you have put our life, liberty and property in danger, and thereby, you, MIKE WELAND, have trespassed against the rights of I, a man, causing damage, injury or harm.

I perceive the published article as threats to me, a man. I am giving you NOTICE of Trespass, Defamation and Slander that you MIKE WELAND, may correct the mistake of Trespass, Defamation and Slander within 1 day of this letter.

The Fee Schedule for failure to correct mistake of Trespass, Defamation and Slander for every day that mistake is not corrected: 1,000 troy ounces of .999 gold (money); or equivalent Federal Reserve Notes equal to 1,000 troy ounce .999 gold value, by cashier’s check and or electronic bank transfer to my personal bank account, equal to 1,000 troy ounce .999 gold value, paid within 21 days of order given and or trespass;

My intent is peace and harmony and wishes no ill will to anyone.

What should be done shall be done (maxim)

I thank you for your time

Hector Bear A.R. (Hector Becerra)

The article on Owen Benjamin is completely irresponsible. The falsities in that publication are worthy of a lawsuit.

It would be wise if the “journalists” actually did research instead of riding the media’s all too common click bait. I think a retraction is necessary. I tune into Owen’s vlog every so often for tips on gardening.

But I suppose the headline “comic Owen Benjamin encourages homesteads” isn’t a grabber.

Do better people.

Andrea Carlomusto

I am one of Owen Benjamin’s bears who donated toward the property which you slandered in your article.

Owen has been an enormously positive influence on my life. His message has always been to bloom where you are planted, to focus on growing and not engaging in drama. He encourages people to have children and raise them with love.

In real time, during the January 6th Capitol riot, Owen was telling anyone who would listen to never go to an event like that. That if you were there now, to leave immediately. He was against it and advising his audience to stop participating as it was unfolding in real time.

He despises war. The idea of him creating a paramilitary training camp is not only insane, it’s criminally actionable libel and slander.

Just a few weeks ago, this land you wrote about was used for a wedding. The bride and groom have a story of epic proportions for how they got together. The groom found Owen’s livestream after a painful breakup with a woman who valued stuff over his value as a man. He walked away from that toxic relationship and into a new life as a bear. He now helps manage an actual news outlet and social media platform which does not tell lies.

The bride had been a long time listener of Owen. She’s young and beautiful and was single, looking for a good man to give her a home and a family. She met her man through the bear community.

We all donated money to the purchase and building of that land for this exact reason. The wedding of these two is like a dream come true. Their children will enrich our community and have a story to delight generations about how their parents met.

And you thought it was a good idea to slander this?

As for the white supremacist angle, nobody is buying that trash. Owen’s wife, Amy, with whom you interracted, is not white. My husband is Mexican and my children are therefore not Aryan either. One of the funniest bears is a black man. His letters to Owen are funny as all heck and we love hearing from him.

You should have a little integrity moving forward. You could start with a retraction. Then, if you had any journalistic integrity at all, you could report the truth about the land named Ursa Rio.

As Owen says, be fruitful and grow where you are planted. Make your news outlet a place of truth and integrity.

Jennifer Perez Lopez

Hello from central Texas! I’m a young man, mid 30s, and in mid 2018 I discovered the comedy and livestreams of Owen Benjamin.

I just want to respectfully inform you that he is a man of truth and there’s a great reason why so many people continue to follow him and listen to him.

Bears are everywhere, across the world.

It’s about building a community of trusted people with goods and skills and its not a cult, but its more a culture. Growing your own food, building your life and learning trades, working hard to support yourself and family.

There’s one motto we go by, “fruit not blood.” We’re not a political group and not interested in a political stance. Just want to live and grow. Pursuit of the good, true and beautiful.


Are you a journalist? Did you do any research before writing your one sided hit piece?

The quotes included are from obvious opponents of Owen and none of that article properly described what he is doing. I would be ashamed of myself to have let this be published. I would suggest a retraction and correction.

This article goes to show just how far journalism has gone to become absolutely propaganda and fear mongering BS.

Have a great day,

Chris Giroux

You are not doing a good job in reporting the facts. Mr. Smith wants a place for camping fishing for family and friends. No one is living there.

Your reporter is creating fear were there is none. Mr. Smith has friends of all races you are slandering his reputation.

Karen Toffoli

Shame on you for the slanted hit piece on Owen Benjamin. He does nothing but encourage people to live a clean life, get married and have families and grow your own food.

Everything this reporter stated is a lie. I hope he sues you into bankruptcy.

Cynthia Fassler

Hey Mike, be a good journalist and stop creating click bait articles with absurd lies about people and situations you know nothing about.

That’s how lawsuits happen.

Be a good journalist and redact the Owen Benjamin story with a nice apology to him and his beautiful family.

This is Idaho, have a little class.

Whitney Warman

So here you are reading this. When a person sells 10 acres of land and THEN finds out something about the buyer that shakes them up to the point that they then contact the people at the court house.. So it is a fact for many years this area has been USED to hid out in.

It also has been given plenty of national not good news. How about this.. I did a google of the name of this funny guy.. So try it.. You all can go do your own.

This video that I found was very clear of the people who are supporting and following this comic.

My thinking is that many very POOR people think there is some rich person who can help them. They give their limited funds to buy in on a dream.. I see it ON LINK all the time. From planned trips to go see places, or asked to please just send a few dollars to help out. This one lady is just ONE sad example.


You guys ought to be ashamed of your story on Owen Benjamin. Shady and cheap stories propagating lies is not the Idaho way.

Don’t do the wrong thing. Do the right thing.

Until then I’ll be sharing as much as I can so others see this.

Kanan J

The story you wrote about Owen is not cool. I am a fan of Owen’s, I listen to his broadcasts to get inspiration for raising my family and caring for my land. The guy motivated me to start gardening again and to have more kids. I have no wanting for military style training and I don’t think too many people who listen to him do either. That place he bought is for people to vacation at and get married. Did you not call that dude before writing that article? That’s not how you should operate. I am not a journalist but I would have known to do that.

Anyway, God bless you.

Christopher Rippey