James Hersey Mathison

James Hersey Mathison was born August 28, 1939, in Great Falls, Montana, to Harry Mathison and Clara McGowan Mathison. His home was an incubator for several weeks until he was big enough and healthy enough to go home to a 17 year old new mother.

Grandmother Irene Mathison was delighted with her first born grandson and helped care for him.

Jim graduated from Shelby, Montana, high school in 1957. He played football and enjoyed his learning and teachers. There he decided to become a math teacher. He attended Northern Montana on scholarship for one year.

He was about to be drafted and signed up for the Navy. He saved as much money as he could while in the Navy. After his honorable discharge, he came home to find his savings account had been spent.

He forgave the spender and became more determined than ever to be a math teacher.

His uncle Harry Sterner heard about a job installing the missile silos. Jim went to work for Boeing to earn his college money again.

He graduated from Oregon State. His first teaching job was in Prineville, then in Winston, Oregon. He married Cindy Martyn and adopted Darren and Justin. With a family to support he needed to make more money.

He went to work for the Air Force as a mathematician. Hill Field in Roy, Utah, was his home for the next 13 years. The Air Force was designing and working with computers to fly their jets. Jim loved his work and the people with bright minds and great souls.

After retiring, he found contract jobs and moved all around America completing them. He married Candice Hanson in 1991. Once again he was working and saving money to retire.

In 2002 they moved to Bonners Ferry and their own little paradise.

James was preceded in death by his parents, his brother Harry Jr. and his son Darren Mathison.

He is survived by his wife Candice, sons Justin Mathison, Scott Kiser (Angela), Greg Kiser and Tim Kiser (Nancy), grandchildren Kayleigh Kiser, Alyssa Kiser, Nolan Kiser, Dillon Kiser, Krystina Kiser, Hannah Kiser, McKena Kiser, Cindy Mathison, Andrew Colton (Sarah) and Aria Mathison and great grandchildren Hunter and Alexis Colton.