May is No Mow month

May is No Mow month so bees and pollinators can feed! According to Garden Illustrated, changing the way we mow can result in a tenfold increase in the amount of nectar available to bees and other pollinators and result in a visible increase in many types of flowers.

Mowing tips for encouraging wildlife:

Cut once every four weeks: A 2019 No Mow May experiment revealed the highest number of flowers on lawns mown in this way. Ideally, leave between one and two inches of grass length.

Leave areas of long grass: The experiment also resulted in greater diversity of flowers in areas of grass that were left completely unmown, offering up important nectar sources.

You don’t have to stop mowing completely: Some species of flowers are adapted to growing in shorter swards. Cutting flowers from these plants once a month stimulates them to produce more blooms.


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