A twisted tale of power

Enter October 2019. Steve Economu appoints himself Mayor of Moyie Springs. The council; Les Love, Terry Johnson, Geoff Hollenbeck and Tim Narvaez, under the instruction of the newly self-appointed mini-mayor, vote to file a lawsuit against me for a possible setback violation.

For a pole barn-style carport erected in 2018. Paperwork has now been filed.

One pole of the carport is 10 inches too close – the other four inches, according to the surveyors ordered onto my land and paid for by city taxpayers.

So now the legal battle begins.

I ask you … look around. How many of you in the City of Moyie Springs are or may be a few inches or a few feet off? This setback requirement is for all sheds, lean-tos, carports etc. Anything closer than four feet from your property line.

You may question the city if your shed, carport, etc., is in the crosshairs.

The answer is this, it is the hands of the judge who tries the case and issues the terms of the settlement.

You may come home to find surveyors on your property documenting violations. The icing on the cake? A Lis Pendens is filed which smears your name and seizes the title to your property.

Equal treatment for all. No matter what the self-appointed, mini-Mayor of Moyie and city council members say. And you thought the Governor over-reached.

Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs


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