Top 10 BFHS grads of 2021 named

Ella Huggins

By BFHS Principal Gina Brown

Bonners Ferry High School congratulates the Top Ten of 2021! Every year, we honor the students who have the ten highest, weighted GPAs in their graduating class.

These students have worked exceptionally hard during their school careers to achieve this status.

This year, all ten students have earned GPAs higher than 4.0! They have done this through choosing to take on challenging honors, Advanced Placement and dual-credit college courses.

We recognize that these students have made sacrifices in order to maintain balance and excellence throughout their academic work, family lives, and extracurriculars.

These students have gone above and beyond in advancing their education and proving their outstanding work ethic and capacity for learning.

The staff at BHFS ask the community to join them in congratulating these students. We look forward to seeing you continue to grow, learn, and tackle the challenges before you.

Our top ten students for the graduating class of 2021 are; Regina Claphan, Lily Blackmore, Madison McIntyre, Ella Huggins, Anna Bliss, Jillian Robbins, Daniel Walker, Marianne Pinkerton, Tyler Lucas and Morgan Swanson.

Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication have been noticed!