No farms, no food: BFHS celebrates Ag Week

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to the wealth, good morals and happiness.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Dillon Mai

By Katelyn Smith

In honor of National Agriculture Week March 21-27, the Agriculture Education and student body at Bonners Ferry High School recently drove their tractors to school, and the Applied Greenhouse class worked with the fourth grade students from Valley View Elementary school and planted flowers and educated them about agriculture.

Wilson Newell

Bonners Ferry boasts a rich heritage and tradition in agriculture. A large portion of the student body goes through the agricultural classes. Everything we do in life has us involved in agriculture from the food to fuel our bodies to the clothes we put on our backs to the roof that goes over our head.
May we always thank a farmer three times a day!

Kamen Nelson, who drove his tractor to school said, “I want to keep the heritage and the value of land alive.”

His family has been involved in agriculture for generations.

“Agriculture is important to me because it has been around for a long time and is essential to our world,” sophomore Dillon Mai said. “Without Agriculture we wouldn’t have any food to feed everyone on the planet and is a way of life that is like no other. My family has been involved in agriculture for many generations and will continue to be. I decided to participate today because agriculture is a special part of my life and today was a day to bring it to the school.”

The Bonners Ferry FFA Chapter decided to host this event in order to bring awareness about agriculture and its importance to our school.