Meet 2021 Bonners Ferry DYW participants 5 through 9

Nine of Bonners Ferry’s most outstanding junior girls are embarked on a whirlwind of adventure and personal growth as they take the opportunity to win scholarship money and prizes in this year’s annual Bonners Ferry Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program, with the finale taking place April 24 at the Becker Auditorium.

Between now and then organizers will introduce this year’s participants. Without further ado, here are Camille, Sierra, Reagan, Rose and Cali, participants five through nine.

Camille Jhone Ussher – Participant #5

Camille Ussher is sponsored by the Bonners Ferry Eagles Aeries #3522. She is the daughter of Steve and Alethia Ussher. Camille plans to attend college but is unsure what she wants to study; hopefully something that allows her to travel or work outside.

In her spare time, Camille enjoys running cross country, skiing, track drawing, writing and playing piano. For her talent, Camille will be playing the guitar and singing.

When asked what makes her least proud of her generation, Camille says, “ I am least proud of my generation’s lack of self-sufficiency. I think a large portion of our society does not have good problem solving skills.”

Sierra Mae Petesch – Participant #6

Sierra Petesch, sponsored by Bonners Ferry Rotary Club, is the daughter of Steve and Paula Petesch. She has one brother, Riley, and one sister, Brooke.

Sierra plans on attending Lewis and Clark State College to pursue a career as a physical therapist. In her spare time, Sierra participates in volleyball, track, leadership and 4-H. She enjoys camping, showing horses, swimming and traveling.

A modern personality that interests Sierra is Dana Rettke, while a historical figure that interests her is Rosa Parks. For her talent, Sierra will be performing a comedic skit.

When asked what makes Sierra most proud of her generation she states, “I am most proud of how we are trying to make the best of the current situation we and our society are in.”

Reagan Claire Fairchild – Participant #7

Reagan Fairchild, the daughter of Clark and Roberta Fairchild, is sponsored by Beta Sigma Phi. She has one sister, Sondra, and one brother, Colin. Reagan plans to attend University of Idaho and pursue a career as a dental hygienist.

When Reagan is not dancing or working at her part time job, she enjoys spending time outdoors, kayaking and reading. Reagan is interested in modern personality Donald Trump and historical personality Rosa Parks. For her talent, Reagan will be performing a dance routine.

When asked what makes her least proud of her generation, Reagan states, “I am least proud of my generation’s reliance on technology. I hope as we grow older we learn to live in the moment.”

Rose Lynn Owens – Participant #8

Knights of Pythias is happy to sponsor Rose Owens. Rose is the daughter of Brandon and Robin Owens. She has two brothers, Evan and Nick, and one sister, Lilly.

After graduation, Rose is undecided what she would like to study.

Extracurricular activities she enjoys include softball, soccer, yearbook, National Honor Society, and Foreign Language Society.

Rose will be performing a comedic skit for the talent portion of the program.

When asked what makes Rose most proud of her generation, she states, “I am most proud of my generation when we all come together to make the best of any bad situation.”

Cali Lynn Iacolucci – Participant #9

Cali Lynn Iacolucci is sponsored by Masonic Organizations. She is the daughter of Chad and Missy Iacolucci. She has one brother, Wyatt.

Cali would like to attend Arizona State University and pursue a career as an aerospace engineer. A historical personality who interests Cali is Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson, while a modern personality she finds interesting is Lady Gaga.

A few of the activities that keep Cali busy include taking piloting classes, participating in Job’s Daughters, golf and reading. For her talent, Cali will be performing a poetry recitation.

When asked what makes her least proud of her generation, Cali states, “I believe that my generation has been over exposed to technology in the sense that knowledge and knowledge retention has been declining.”