Rain, sleet, snow or shine, Bonners Ferry Easter Egg Hunt coming April 3

The annual Bonners Ferry Easter Egg Hunt, formerly hosted by the local Lions Club but now in the capable hands of the Bonners Ferry Rotary, takes place at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 3, on the lawn at the Boundary County Fairgrounds.

No one seems to know just how long the tradition of the Easter Bunny’s fairgrounds visit has been going on, but most who’ve been here long enough agree that 50 years is a conservative guess, and while a few things change, one thing that hasn’t are the smiles the event brings to both the kids who take part and the grown-ups who watch and help.

In 2013, reporter Mike Weland wrote of the 50th Bonners Ferry Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt, but no one seemed very sure even then.

There may be some changes this year, and whatever you do, don’t be late, as it’s going to be fast-paced.

“Not sure if this year will have an Easter Bunny in attendance,” organizers said. “That will remain a surprise, but look for the Easter Bunny’s helpers, they may be wearing ‘ears.’ They’ll ensure that each and every child in attendance will get eggs. It is a fast paced event, as once the start announcement is made it is over within 15 minutes, if not sooner.”

There will be both hard boiled eggs and then there will be surprise eggs, no yolk, which hold just a surprise, and kids ages birth to 10 are welcome, whether living in Boundary County or just passing through.

Kids will be separated into five age groups; 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10.

“Parents are encouraged to help those little ones, ages 0-2, or maybe even 3-4, but after that age those kids don’t need any help,” organizer Glenda Poston said. “Probably safer if the adults stay out of the way.”

Kids in each bracket will have a separate marked starting point. Children will need to bring their own basket, sack or whatever they want to gather eggs in, as those are not provided.

To ensure the continued succession of lifelong memories, participants, families and lots of smiles are essential, and volunteers are welcome as always.

It is rumored that the Easter Bunny will be hiding the eggs around 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the hunt, so April 3, 2021.

“Rotarians will be boiling and coloring the eggs this year,” Poston said. “In years past, Restorium residents have colored the eggs, but with COVID we thought it best that we do it this year. If anyone would like to help, please call (208) 267-7243 and leave a message. I’ll get back in touch.”

The venerable Bonners Ferry Easter Egg Hunt will go on rain, sleet, snow or shine, as the Easter Bunny doesn’t care about the weather just wants to see happy kids. It is open to all, but don’t be late!