Hopes Scott again stands for freedom on SB 1110

Senate Bill 1110 is legislation that rewrites Idaho’s Constitution. Under Idaho’s Constitution the people have the power to propose laws and to submit the proposed laws to the vote of the people.

Current law requires a minimum number of signatures equal to six-percent of registered voters from 18 of Idaho’s legislative districts.

SB 1110 would require that same percentage of signatures from all 35 districts just to put a measure on the ballot so the people can vote.

Requiring 35 of 35 districts to reach that bar is like requiring a unanimous vote in a House Committee just to get a bill to a full House vote.

Would legislators be happy with that provision?

I’m not happy with SB 1110 as it restricts my right to vote. I won’t have a say in what goes on the ballot.

In 2019, Representative Heather Scott talked about similar bills that restricted our citizen rights.

“I think the bigger question is we really, really need to look at why are we suppressing the ideas of the people, why are we afraid to debate these ideas of the citizens, even if we don’t agree with them?” she said. “Why are we so concerned about party politics or being in control? We are not addressing the problems of the people of this state.”

I hope Representative Scott will again stand for freedom and vote “No” on this bill that silences our voices and takes away our right to vote on a measure.

Mary Ollie
Bonners Ferry