Kind Idaho seeking to give Idahoans choice in what goes in the medicine cabinet

Suzette Meyers is a Salmon, Idaho, native. She’s a lifelong Republican who learned the benefits of medical marijuana in the wake of a stroke and several “mini-strokes,” or TIAs. Now back in her home state, living in Post Falls, she is a volunteer for Kind Idaho, a non-profit dedicated to presenting the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act Initiative to Idaho’s voters in 2022.

Suzette Meyers

If approved, the measure would establish a plant-based alternative to the host of pharmaceuticals Idahoans are limited to, by law. Alternatives including medical marijuana, which is allowed, by law, in every state and province bordering the state.

That means, Meyers says, that not only is medical marijuana available just across any Idaho border, but it’s costing the state billions in taxes as Idahoans go out of state to avail themselves of an effective and safe alternative to the opioids and other drugs that are all Idaho physicians can currently prescribe.

“We have a well organized and well-structured team, and we are optimistic that we can get this initiative on the ballot despite the Republican majority and the unconstitutional SB 1110 now before the legislature, designed to make it much harder for citizen initiatives in the state,” Suzette said. “We are non-partisan organization, hoping to bring Idaho’s citizens, especially its seniors, its disabled, its terminally ill, a choice in what they put in their medicine cabinet. We are trapped on pharmaceuticals when our quality of life, our physical and mental health can be improved with the choice of plant alternatives. And Idaho’s hard earned money is being spent outside our borders, depriving the state of significant tax revenue.”

To spread their message so as to give all Idahoans a voice on the measure in November, 2022, Kind Idaho is hosting petition signing events statewide, including one at the Libertarian Convention being held from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, March 20, at the Libertarian Convention, 414 E. First Ave., Post Falls.

Kind Idaho is seeking volunteers in counties throughout the state, including Boundary County, to organize locally, to help with events and fundraisers, to obtain petition signatures and more. As Kind Idaho is a registered non-profit, those ordered by the courts to perform community service by Idaho courts can work off their hours volunteering for the organization.

To find out more, visit or their Facebook page. To volunteer, click here.