Ghost of good sense missing from senseless demonstration

The ghosts of Goebbels, Goering and Himmler paid a visit to Bonners Ferry on March 6 to witness a book burning.

There was a problem — apparently none of the participants owned any.

Reacting quickly, the organizers, amazingly, decided instead to burn lifesaving medical supplies to symbolize their unhappiness with the forces of science, common sense and other associated evils running rampant in America.

Fortunately, it was windy, preventing the fire from getting very big, so no one hurt themselves.

Unfortunately, participants then stood close together, maskless, each demonstrating a fervent desire to earn the coveted Darwin Award.

We’ll know in a few weeks how many were successful. The spirits of book-burners past are patiently waiting—and they’ve saved choice seats by the fire.

Bonners Ferry