Vote no March 9 and pass the word

There is considerable concern from some as to the validity of the November national elections, others scoff at their concerns. Yet on the local level where we can view and check the validity of the elections, we find them to be well run.

The county clerk and her elections staff are well respected and their efforts to count and tally the votes properly does and should give us confidence that this difficult task was carried out in an efficient, upright and accurate manner.

This same election the school district lost its levy by 518 votes, and now we vote again … an often-repeated scenario).

Some allege the district just did not get the facts out to the voters or some other reason, so the school district is better “educating the voters” by sending home with the students report cards, letters informing the parents about the upcoming levy and its importance.

The School District is planning a robocall reminding the parents of the election. These are not honest efforts to educate the public but to manipulate the election outcome to get $4.8-million. These may be legal but not ethical.

Additionally, a private “yes group” is planning like actions.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn (credited with bringing down the Soviet Union- authored The Gulag Archipelago) warned that the 60-plus million killed by the communists could happen to the west, pointing out the single most reason, that Russian people had forgotten God.

To forget God is far more than some displaced concept but is among others things the denial of truth, imperial facts and reality itself.

The “institutions of higher education” promote the philosophies of last century’s totalitarian states under the names of secularism, post modernism, the LBGTQ and the other “oppressed minorities” and these concepts trickle down in the local public schools.

Social engineering is promoted to accept “social justice,” “transgendering” etc. while belittling our nation’s founding principles that include law and order.

The “uninformed” people have already voted no in a valid, uncontested election. Vote no March 9 and pass the word.

Steve Tanner
Bonners Ferry