Reclaim Idaho seeks to protect Idaho citizen initiative process

Idaho legislators and special interest groups are attempting to ram through a bill called SB 1110, Reclaim Idaho contends, which would make future grassroots initiatives virtually impossible in Idaho, essentially revoking the constitutional right of Idaho citizens to bring forth ballot initiatives.

The bill would require an initiative campaign to collect signatures from six-percent of voters in all 35 districts, up from the 18 districts currently required. This would effectively block grassroots initiatives from making the ballot, while leaving the path wide open for big-money organizations from out of state.

“This isn’t the first time legislators have attempted to revoke our initiative rights,” organizers write. “In 2019, just after Medicaid Expansion won at the ballot box, a group of legislators worked with the predatory payday loan industry to propose Senate Bill 1159, a bill that would have made future ballot initiatives virtually impossible.”

Along with a coalition of citizens and organizations, Reclaim Idaho fought back. In a bold decision, Governor Little vetoed the bill and protected our initiative rights.

They’ve now launched an online petition calling on Governor Little once again to stand up for our constitution, and ask all who favor protecting citizens initiatives in Idaho to sign. To add your name, click here.