Kaniksu Health volunteers: Heroes among us

I recently received my first Covid-19 vaccination at the Kaniksu Health Services clinic in Bonners Ferry. There was a full house of patients with appointments for their jabs and a large group of professional medical personnel to manage the waiting line, handle medical paperwork, give the vaccines and monitor patients for reactions.

I was impressed by the smooth operation and friendly atmosphere.

What I learned next floored me – every single medical professional there was a volunteer. Each person gave of his or her valuable time on a weekend to help immunize members of our community against a disease that has murdered over half a million Americans.

They are not only on the front line in the fight as part of their regular jobs, they came out during their time off work to help us in Boundary County during one of the worst health crises in history.

They are the true heroes among us.

Rick Durden
Bonners Ferry