BCSD 101 working to broaden student opportunity

Boundary County School District #101 is in the process of working with a Career Technical Education (CTE) Communitywide Committee to broaden our student course offerings and career training opportunities.

Our long-term goal is to develop a thriving CTE program to meet our students’ needs and the support local industrial market.

Our first meeting occurred November 2 with presentations from Dennis Weed, Economic Development, Sam Wolenhour, Department of Labor, Andrea Fuentes, BCSD Curriculum Director, and Jan Bayer, BCSD Superintendent. There were 26 individuals from business, education and post-secondary in attendance.

The night consisted of an overview of present labor market trends, manufactures labor/skill needs, current programs at Bonners Ferry High School, and a brainstorm session of where we go from here.

The committee identified the following soft skills our students need: punctuality, trainability, personal responsibility, common sense and pride in productivity.

The hard skills identified are computer skills, technical reading/writing skills, technical mechanics, trouble-shooting and math skills in the areas of measurement, algebra and geometry, depending on the trade.

Based on input from the committee, the school district is working to adjust course offerings, graduation requirements, and integration of the soft/hard skills across the curriculum.

Our second meeting took place January 25 with 25 individuals virtually present. We had presentations from Christina Feliciano, Idaho Business for Education, and Michelle Stout, Idaho Department of Labor. These two individuals shared information about opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and workforce training.

Our goal is to offer students at Bonners Ferry High School real world work experiences, so they are prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Boundary County School District 101 is excited to announce progress in better meeting the needs of our students. The school board has approved work force training credits. We are expanding our technical writing and math courses at the high school. We have a signed agreement with Idaho Forest Group for an apprenticeship program. We are working with our hospital to again offer a CNA program.

We are continuously working with local area businesses to expand our apprenticeship, internship, and work force training opportunities.

Lastly, we received the approval from the Idaho State Board of Education to adjust our graduation requirements for students wanting to pursue a high school diploma focused on CTE pathways. We are so excited for our students and our community as we move forward.
Our next meeting is April 19. If you would like to be part of our meeting or want to explore offering opportunities to our students to better prepare them for the workforce, please reach out to Jan Bayer at jan.bayer@mail.bcsd101.com or by phone at (208) 267-3146.