The anarchist ideology and nonsense behind ending the COVID-19 emergency declaration

By Travis Oler

In August 2020 Representative Julianne Young of Bingham County and other members of the Idaho House of Representatives voted to end Governor’s Little COVID-19 emergency declaration, but the Idaho Senate refused to vote on the measure, killing the attempt. This year, Julianne Young and other members of the Idaho legislature who are allied with the Idaho Freedom Foundation are once again seeking to end Governor Little’s COVID-19 emergency declaration.

Republican Governor Little recently pushed back, saying, “Every single state has active emergency declarations in place to respond to COVID-19. President Trump issued two emergency declarations that remain in effect today.”

Little stated that ending Idaho’s emergency declaration would result in less vaccine, more taxes, more red tape, and that Idaho would lose huge amounts of federal emergency funds.

Little further said, “Some members of the Idaho Legislature are seeking political gain by perpetuating misinformation about emergency declarations. They are playing politics, and unfortunately the loser in this shameful game will be you – the citizens of Idaho.”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation and its allies are behind the recent attempts to end Idaho’s COVID-19 emergency declaration.

Parrish Miller, one of the main bill scorers for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, this month gave House Concurrent Resolution 1 ending the emergency declaration a score of +4. Parrish Miller has been paid over $2,000 in campaign funds by my opponent, Julianne Young, and he has been paid over $20,000 in taxpayer funds by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

Miller is an anarchist who opposes nearly all forms of government and nearly all laws and regulations.

For example, he posted on his Twitter account that, “An ‘arrest’ is kidnapping  . . .  Kidnapping is still kidnapping even if it’s called ‘arrest,’” and, “Just remember, shooting someone who is attempting to kidnap you is ALWAYS justified.”

Even though Miller has said that lethal violence against law enforcement is acceptable, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Young, and McGeachin have refused over and over again to part ways with him or to even condemn these vicious statements.

The big lie of Parrish Miller and the Idaho Freedom Foundation is that their anarchism and ignorance of reality is really conservativism.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Medical Policy Advisor, Dr. John Livingston, recently stated on the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s website, “We are not in a pandemic.”

Really? I don’t support every single aspect of Governor Little’s response to the COVID-19 emergency, and I don’t expect anyone else would, either. But the Idaho Freedom Foundation is actually denying reality by stating that COVID-19 is not a pandemic.

I denounce the ignorant and shameful political grandstanding of the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s and its allies’ attempts to end Idaho’s COVID-19 emergency declaration.

Travis Oler is a U.S. Army veteran and fifth generation member of an Idaho farm family. He is the Democratic candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives in Bingham County.