Former Libby man shot to death going to pick up children after long custody battle

Zayne, John Mast and Ashira.

A former Libby man living in North Dakota was allegedly shot and killed by his former father-in-law after a judge ended a nearly four-year custody battle, granting the deceased visitation with his children on the day he was killed.

Just before 6 p.m. Friday, February 5, John Allen Mast, 40, whose family moved to Libby when he was 13 years old and who had moved to Williston, North Dakota, in 2012 to work, was shot three times in the parking lot of the Lewiston, Idaho, Rosauers Supermarket, where he was to have picked his children, Ashira Chantelle, 9, and Zayne Callum, 7, up for his first unsupervised weekend visitation in about three and a half years.

Robert Brashear, 67, Winchester, Idaho, told police he’d spent most of the day with his daughter, Mast’s former wife, who had alleged in trying to deny custody that Mast had sexually abused their children.

With the children crying and fearful of going with their father, Brashear said he decided to go to Rosauers and wait for Mast, with the intent, he allegedly told police, of shooting his former son-in-law and then killing himself.

Robert Brashear

Mast was transported to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, where he died, Brashear was taken into custody and charged with homicide.

He remains in custody at the Nez Perce County Adult Detention Center in lieu of $1-million bond.

On Monday, John Mast’s brother, Samuel Mast, released the following statement on behalf of his family.

“On February 5th our beloved son and brother John Mast was killed in the Rosauers parking lot in Lewiston Idaho. For the past 3.5 years He faced many completely false and vile allegations of the worst sort.

“His children were taken from him due to these false allegations. He worked tirelessly to be back in his children’s life and to clear himself and was ultimately exonerated and found completely free and clear of everything.

“He was finally granted weekend custody of his children and was set to pick them up at the meeting spot. Instead of meeting his beautiful children he was met by his ex father-in-law and shot multiple times.

“This was so wrong and horrific on so many levels. John’s fight is over and he is at peace forever.

“The Mast family wishes to at this time extend forgiveness to the Brashear family. We pray they may find the peace they seek and we pray for the killers soul. We believe in a God that is bigger than this and we believe that somehow good will come of this. Rest In Peace beloved brother.”

A Go Fund Me account, John’s Life Speaks, has been established.

“In lieu of flowers, please donate here to honor John’s Life giving towards his children’s future, which was what John lived for,” organizers wrote. “Any support and prayers are much appreciated.”

A memorial service for John Allen Mast will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, February 11, at Libby Assembly of God, 105 Collins Avenue, Libby. To read his obituary, click here.


One thought on “Former Libby man shot to death going to pick up children after long custody battle

  1. I want to thank you for your coverage of the John Mast murder case. Although you did a fine job to write this, I want to point out an omission and the use of the word ‘allegedly’. The omission that I am referring to is in regards to the statement, “With the children crying and fearful of going with their father.” John Mast was a victim of parental alienation (emotional abduction) of which millions of Americans fall prey by selfish, criminally minded parents usually with mental health issues.

    These are parents that use false allegations and the adversarial family court system to vindictively annihilate a former spouse or lover for no reason other than the same mental health reasons that caused the criminal behavior that was witnessed in this shooting by the father of that vindictive parent. However, relocation is often a factor in these cases also; thus we can view these cases as emotional abduction of children.

    Interestingly, the word “allegedly” was used in the news article when referring to the intent of Robert Brashear to shoot John Mast but not when addressing the statement about the children “crying and fearful of going with their father.” There is no reason to assume or to publish that the children were crying or fearful; if they were it was through coercive manipulation that these types of parents use to turn children against another parent. This is a form of domestic abuse and child abuse.

    Thanks for your coverage of this momentous event.

    Kind Regards
    Wes Helmuth

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