Sherlene Johnson BCSD 101 Employee of the Month

By Mt. Hall Principal Lisa Iverson

It’s a great honor and privilege to nominate Mrs. Sherlene Johnson as Boundary County School District’s Classified Employee of the Month for January.

Ms. Sherlene is a beloved bus driver of the Copeland community. She has been picking up and dropping off kids for the past 30 years. She prides herself on being the “mean” driver, but we all know that’s not true. According to Bill Irwin, BCSD’s transportation director, “Sherlene is someone who takes care of her community.”

She loves all of the students and staff at Mt. Hall, and spoils them with special treats and gifts throughout the year. She’s especially famous for her special homemade pretzels she makes at Christmas.

Sherlene has a long legacy at Mt. Hall. She attended first grade here back in Mrs. Cash days, all of her siblings graduated from Mt. Hall, and her own children did the same.
To say she is a Wildcat through and through is an understatement.

Besides driving the bus, Sherlene’s impact can be felt throughout our school. Sherlene comes early every Thursday to distribute BoCo bags. BoCo is a great program that sends home extra snacks for kids on the weekend. It’s a big undertaking, and one that really helps some of our families.

This year she has helped out in the cafeteria by coming in and helping prepare the bagged breakfasts and lunches for all of the kids to eat.

She looks after every kid and staff member at Mt. Hall. Wherever there’s a need, Sherlene has always been willing to help in any way that she can. She has a heart of gold.

Outside of school, Sherlene stays busy on her farm, taking care of her cows and haying during the summer. Her favorite pastime, though, is doing anything pertaining to family. She has been married to Randy for the past 43 years, and together they have raised children Denneil, Nicholas, Marlaina and Jolene.

Now with her kids grown, she especially enjoys spending time with her grandchildren Gaige, Israel, Quinton and Jaylene.

On behalf of all of us from Mt. Hall, we’d like to say thank you to Mrs. Sherlene Johnson. You make Mt. Hall a great place to learn, play and grow.

Go Wildcats!