Boundary County Historical Society postponed until spring

According to the Boundary County Historical Society bylaws, its annual meeting is to be held in the month of January. Upon consultation with legal counsel, the Board of Trustees voted on January 5, to postpone the meeting due to public health and safety concerns.

Notices will be sent to the membership, according to bylaw specifications, once a new date has been set.

Two Trustees, whose seats are due in 2021, have agreed to remain in their positions until an election can be held, at which time the seats will be open for nominations.

The Museum could not continue to function without the membership, the community, and the support of the County.

Appreciation goes out to all who have renewed their 2021 memberships. If you have missed this opportunity, please consider doing so by contacting the Museum (208) 267-7720.

To learn more and to keep up with museum news and digital exhibits, visit