Not the time to drive wedge deeper, Fulcher says

U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher

In a January 9 letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Idaho First District U.S. Representative Russ Fulcher (R) strongly urged her to forego another impeachment of president Donald Trump, saying the attempt will not succeed and only fan the flames of division.

“As reiterated by President Trump in his concession speech, ‘My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power,'” he wrote. “Interrupting this transition will eliminate any chance of healing or unity for our country.

“These actions could instead incite civil unrest at a level that would make Seattle, Minneapolis, and D.C. look like minor incidents.
Americans have had enough this past year. They deserve the opportunity for a peaceful transition of power.”

As vote on the article of impeachment was getting underway, he released the following statement:

“Our Congress’ legislative process was put in place to facilitate debate, improve ideas, and ensure minority voices are heard throughout,” Fulcher said. “Though these official processes have been trampled by Speaker Pelosi’s recent rule changes to lessen the voices of the minority party, the fact remains – there is a process.

“The attacks on our Capitol on January 6th have no place in politics, and cannot be tolerated as any sort of norm when official processes are being carried out—no matter how divisive or contentious the issue being addressed.

“On January 20th, the process will take place to inaugurate a new President, and I believe, if our republic is to survive, we must respect that.

“I anticipate this will be made only more difficult and divisive by further attempts to impeach President Trump in the House, with only days left in his term, and without proper hearings or investigations taking place. As reiterated in my attached letter to the Speaker sent January 9th, this is not the time to drive the partisan wedge deeper.”