Boundary County Museum goes virtual

The Boundary County Museum has been closed to the public since March. This does not mean, however, that no one is ever in the building and that the wheels of motion have come to a halt.

Like much of the world today, the Museum is expanding to virtual!

Sue Kemmis and tech volunteer Randy have stayed connected via email with zip files and thumb drives flying back and forth in order to create virtual exhibits from the Museum’s collections.

Hoping to have piqued your curiosity, we invite you to visit the Museum’s website at

Here you will experience four “flip books” on exhibit: “Teddy Roosevelt Visits Bonners Ferry,” “Logging in Boundary County,” “Portrait Hall Turns 100 Years Old,” and the most recent one, “Kootenai Life-Cradleboards.”

These books make it possible to visit the Museum even through closed doors!

Another feature on the website is a series of three videos Sue recorded this fall of rural burial sites in the county. Since we were unable to have our annual Historical Cemetery Tour, she created these “virtual tours” highlighting: “The Atkins Family Memories,” “Mystery at Round Prairie” and “Remembering the Pines and Bond Lake.”

Until we can reopen our doors and meet you all face-to-face once again, we hope you will visit the website as we experiment in new ways to promote learning, enhance exhibits, and reach out to the community that supports the Museum!