Idaho Cares Act Broadband Project boosts Moyie internet speed

E.L. Internet Northwest owner Eric Lederhos accepts a $914,000 grant check from Moyie Springs Mayor Steve Economu.

At the onset of the pandemic, internet slowed to a crawl or was nonexistent in many areas of Moyie Springs. Bandwidth and the equipment to supply it was simply not in place to meet the challenge, particularly in remote areas.

In response, Idaho Commerce applied CARES Act funding to provide stable, reliable broadband infrastructure to Idaho communities to enhance quality of life for their citizens and attract business.

The City of Moyie Springs was a recipient of these grant funds. Over the course of six months, the Moyie Springs Broadband project developed to be able to deliver up to 1 Gbps to 302 Moyie Springs households, 97-percent of the city’s total.

“The City of Moyie Springs would like to thank Idaho Commerce for this opportunity to provide this needed infrastructure to our community,” Mayor Steve Economu wrote in a release. “We would also like to thank the support and vision of Moyie Springs’ City Council as well as The Metts Group, of Coeur d’Alene, for grant administration support. The City would especially like to thank the team at E.L. Internet Northwest, of Bonners Ferry, for their hard work and dedication to this project and our community.

“Their forethought for fiber in the region now supplies the City of Moyie Springs with this quintessential infrastructure that will help our rural community facilitate distance learning to our school-age children; provide connectivity for government and business; improve response times for public safety; offer business expansion and business attraction opportunities to elevate the area’s economy; incentivize individuals to live and work within the area; expand telehealth opportunities; and improve telework capabilities for not only residents but for public employees—all targeted aspects of the CARES Act.”

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