Carolers needed at Restorium Christmas morn’

Thad and Rebecca Huseby

Thad and Rebecca Huseby are planning their annual Christmas caroling expedition to the Boundary County Restorium, but this year it’s gonna be a bit different.

“We’ve always gone inside and wondered through the building, singing to all the residents as well as the staff, kitchen crew and others there visiting,” Rebecca said. “This year, with Karlene’s help, we are planning an outdoor event, aimed at the big windows. We’re hoping for a canopy to cover the equipment and at least some of the carolers. If things work out, we will have a keyboard, a bass guitar and perhaps some other instruments we hope for lots of singers! There will be lyrics sheets for most if not all the songs we’ll be doing, and anyone who wants to come and sing along is welcome, whether you can sing or not!”

She asks those planning to join in to please e-mail her at so she can plan and keep you updated on any changes.

The caroling takes place at 10 o’clock Christmas morning, Friday, December 25, at the Restorium.

“I know this is asking a lot, as many of you have family gatherings already planned, but this should be less than an hour altogether and these precious folks deserve some Christmas joy,” Rebecca said. “We want to make sure the residents are up and about and finished with breakfast, and we are hoping for some bright sunshine so they can see our faces while we sing!”

The caroling, she said, will last about 40 minutes, and she advises those who join dress warmly!

“Many of these dear folks don’t have family close, and some have no one come to see them on Christmas!” she said. “Besides that, those who are taking care of these precious people on Christmas Day are not able to be home with their families, either, so we’re doing double duty for all of them! They may or may not be able to hear us, but if they can see us, they will hear us with their hearts!”