Pig hanging out around BFHS captured, given fine home

Running loose all day in the area around the high school and middle school is thirsty work, so this handsome swine stopped for a cool drink on the road in front of the high school ball field. If you or someone you know belongs to him, his ready to come home now.

UPDATE: After a truly adventurous day Saturday, Melissa Krejci on Sunday morning managed to track down and safely capture the pig (photo below) that had been roaming in the area of the high school since Friday morning!

Mr. Pig gave up peacefully on the high school track. Melissa and husband Michael will give the abandoned pet room and board on their farm as well as a place in their hearts.

Original story: Folks on Bonners Ferry’s south side are at a loss, as a red and black speckled pig has been strolling around the high school and middle school, down around the LDS Church and in Claudia Yeouman’s yard as of 8:45 this evening.

Claudia has spent much of the day trying to track down the people this cite pig owns, but no luck yet, and she’s worried someone might hit him and turn him into ham hocks and possibly be injured themselves.

Motorists cruising in the area are asked to be watchful for him, and if you or someone you know belongs to him, now you know where he wants you to start looking so he can get a ride home!