James “Jim” Raymond Taylor

James “Jim” Taylor passed peacefully in his sleep Saturday, December 5, two weeks shy of his 72nd birthday. Jim will be cremated as his altruistic wishes to donate his body to science, cannot be carried out due to pandemic restrictions.

Originally from the Midwest, Jim Taylor was a patient man — generous to a fault.

He was born in Chariton, Iowa, in 1948. He grew up on a large dairy farm, graduating high school and attending veterinary college with a champion swimming scholarship. Jim quit school and was subsequently drafted, serving in the Army as a dozer operator during the Vietnam War.

Afterwards struggling with an illness that led to a terminal diagnosis from the VA hospital. more misfortunes followed the careful, 20-something man, including the death of his young daughter. Devastated and determined, Jim left Iowa with a heavy-construction company, building highways, and seeing the country, intent to experience as much as he could of our world in the little time the doctors foresaw.

Outliving his diagnosis-end by more than decades, the rambunctious and freckled boy had grown into a bold and mustachioed 35-year-old man with a thing for CAT-hats.

While living on the Oregon coast, he met and married Tamara, who shared his love of running heavy equipment, and with a thirst to live in the mountains. Jim and Tamara drove their small family to Bonners Ferry, a place in Idaho dreamed of by his wife, where he and his family of three boy; Mountain, Tice and Ben, carved a memorable niche in their community.

Tamara and Tice, still at home in Naples, can be reached at their family farm for condolences. In lieu of a wake, doing something nice for a neighbor or those in need, with a prayer, would be appreciated instead.