PHD directors not members of the medical community

In my opinion, there appears to be a general misconception that those who sit on Idaho Health Boards are members of the medical community. They are not.

It is a position. Appointed by your county commissioners.

From the PHD website; “Panhandle Health District is locally controlled and governed by members of our community that advocate what’s best in our community. County commissioners from Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone counties appoint a Board of Health that governs the Health District’s policies based on the community’s unique needs.”

  • Boundary County, Population 12k – Walt Kirby
  • Bonner County (At-Large), Population 46k– Allen Banks
  • Bonner County (see above), – Glen Bailey
  • Benewah County Population 10k– Marlow Thompson
  • Kootenai County Population 165k – Jai Nelson, R.N.
  • Kootenai County (see above)- Richard McLandress, M.D.
  • Shoshone County Population 13k – Mike Fitzgerald

I’m pretty sure it is not a paid position. Volunteer, submit a letter to our Commissioners. Be a part of the solution. Local Matters.

Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs