Idaho’s 2020 election officially canvassed

Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney, along with the other members of Idaho’s State Board of Canvassers, Idaho State Controller Brandon Woolf, and Idaho State Treasurer Julie Ellsworth conducted the official state canvass for the 2020 General Election. The canvass of votes is the official accounting of every ballot cast to ensure every legal vote is counted.

“State and county election officials and workers are to be commended for their dedication, patience, and flexibility in staging a successful General Election under the challenging circumstances of a global pandemic,” said Secretary Denney. “Idahoans cast a record number of ballots, a record number of which were early or absentee ballots, and produced the highest percentage voter turnout we have seen for any election this century.”

The statement of vote, certified today by the Board, shows 878,527 Idahoans voted in the 2020 General Election — a turnout of 81.2-percent of Idaho’s 1,082,417 registered voters. Voters cast 493,719 early or absentee ballots, representing 56.2% of all ballots cast. Counties with the highest voter turnout, as a percentage of registered voters, were Fremont, 88.1-percent, Kootenai, 87.4-percent, Butte, 86.3-percent, and Idaho, 85.1-percent.

Official election results, including county-by-county and historical data, will soon be available on the Elections Division page of