Lincoln County loses another resident to COVID

Lincoln County gained 22 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 today and lost its sixth resident to the illness.

There have been 432 confirmed cases in the county, 80 of them, the majority, in children 19 and younger. There were 135 cases active at the time of the report and two county residents were hospitalized.

Of the cases, 262 were residents in the Libby area, 56 from the Troy area and 114 from north Lincoln County.

A relatively light day for new Montana cases ended at 10 a.m. today with 427 pushing the state total to 40,053, with 15,771 cases active and 457 Montanans dead of the illness.

The Idaho Panhandle gained 323 new cases through the weekend, bringing the total to 6,683 with 49 patients hospitalized, 4,544 cases closed and 82 dead. Boundary County is now at 258 cases, 54 new since November 1, with 153 active and one fatal.

Statewide, 1,266 new cases were confirmed in the 24 hours ended at 5 p.m. today, bringing the total to 74,227, with 698 Idahoans dead.

Across the nation, 105,142 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed today and 490 Americans died. As of 8:25 p.m. Eastern today, 10,110,922 Americans have had COVID-19, fatal for 238,235.