With county risk level red, Pace-Kerby open virtually

Pace-Kerby & Co., Inc. will remain open virtually during Boundary County’s Red Zone Covid-19 status. Please do not physically go to their office. To facilitate social distancing, they will communicate with their clients/customers/friends by telephone/email/fax or video chat. Please contact them electronically.

If you are unable to pay online or over the phone with a debit/credit card or online check, they ask you to please use money orders or cashiers checks to make your payments during this extraordinary time – mail directly to the company with your payment coupon.

Questions? Call: Main phone: 208-267-3123 Fax: 208-267-6880

Direct line Phone Numbers & Emails

Darrell Kerby – 208-267-6888 dkerby@pace-kerby.com
Shelley Deitz – 208-267-6882 sdeitz@pace-kerby.com
Randi Flory – 208-267-6881 randi@pace-kerby.com
Darron Branson- 208-267-6885 dbranson@pace-kerby.com
Patty Kerby-208-267-6883 pkerby@pace-kerby.com

Trevor Schneider- 208-610-8211 trevor@pace-kerby.com
Darlene Schneider-208-290-7159 darlene@pace-kerby.com