Lincoln County sees 81-percent turnout

Lincoln County saw 11,682 of 14,463 registered voters, 81-percent, cast ballots on Tuesday, and they went Republican right down the line.

For president, 73-percent favored Donald Trump, who received 8,516 votes to Joe Biden’s 2,812. In the U.S. Senate, it was nearly as wide a margin, with Steve Daines claiming 72-percent of the vote, 8,340 to Steve Bullock’s 3,200.

In the U.S. House, Republican Matt Rosendale took 8,434 votes to Democrat Kathleen Williams’s 3,085.

Greg Gianforte

In state races, Republicans Greg Gianforte and Kristen Juras took the county’s vote for governor and lieutenant governor, with 8,133 votes to Democrats Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner’s 2,975, Christi Jacobson took 8,574 votes to Bryce Bennett’s 2,806 in the race for secretary of state, Austin Knudsen 8,608 to 2,790 for Raph Graybill in the race for attorney general and Troy Downing 8,158 to Shane A. Morigeau’s 2,681 for state auditor.

With 71-percent of precincts reporting statewide, Gianforte and Juras lead with 54-percent of the vote.

For state superintendent of public instruction, Elsie Arntzen garnered 7,966 vote to Melissa Romano’s 2,939.For public service commissioner District 4, Jennifer Fielder garnered 8,482 votes to Monica Tranel’s 2,831.

In the non-partisan races, Laurie McKinnon took 5,895 votes, 59-percent, to Mike Black’s 4,131, for supreme court justice #5 and 72-percent of Lincoln County voters said yes to retaining supreme court justice Jim Shea, with 7,460 votes.

For state representative, district 1, Steve Gunderson garnered 3,723 votes to Democrat Marvin C. Sather’s 1,517, and Neil A. Duram to 80-percent of the count, 4,918 votes for state representative district 2 over Lori Ramesz’s 1,242.

Both constitutional amendments, the constitutional initiative, the legislative referendum and the initiative on the Lincoln County ballot all passed, as did the Eureka Dispatch District mill levy,