County voters hold to status quo, except on school funding

By Mike Weland

Updated 7:20 a.m. November 4: In all, 6,426 Boundary County voters cast ballots in the election of 2020, 87-percent of the county’s registered voters, and they overwhelmingly voted to stay the red course.

Incumbent president Donald J. Trump swept the local presidential race, garnering 4,937 votes to Democrat challenger Joe Biden’s 1,220. None of the other candidates broke out of double digits.

Incumbent Senator James Risch took 4,800 votes to Democrat Paulette Jordan’s 1,212, and Russ Fulcher took 4,855 votes to Rudy Soto’s 1,175.

In state races, Jim Woodward took 5,241 votes to Democrat Vera Gadman’s 926, Heather Scott took 4,751 to Gail Bolin’s 1,386 for the District 1A House seat and Sage Dixon took 4,751 to Stephen Howlett’s 1,257 for House Seat B. Write-in candidate garnered 190 votes.

Republican Tim Bertling, who won the right to run in the general to replace retiring District 2 County Commissioner Walt Kirby in the primary had no problem holding off independent challenger John White, 5,153 to 697.

Voters turned down this year’s Boundary County School District 101 Maintenance and Operations levy for the first time in several election cycles, with 3,320 voting no to 2,802 voting in favor.

“I am very impressed with 87-percent voter turnout and that our community participated in the election,” school superintendent Jan Bayer said. “I am sad for our students and staff. We will go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate where to go next. The cuts to the district, if we do not have local M&O dollars, will be deep. I believe in our district and our community. These are trying times, but we will work collaboratively with members of our community on where we go from here.”

Boundary County voters favored the amendment to require 35 Idaho legislative districts, 3,549 yes to 2,253 no.

For the unofficial county results, click here.

State and district wide, the results hold the same. In the Idaho race four president, Donald J. Trump is the winner with 64-percent of the vote to Joe Biden’s 33-percent, giving the incumbent the four Idaho electoral votes.

Jim Risch wins anothere term in the U.S. Senate, defeating Paullette Jordan 537,4546 to 285,824, and Russ Fulcher gets a second term in the U.S. House, 310,737 votes to Rudy Soto’s 131,268.

In Idaho Senate District 1, Jim Woodward gets a second term as well, and by a 77-percent margin, defeating Democratic challenger Vera Gadman 22,433 to 6,549.

In the Idaho House, Heather Scott will return to Boise for a third term in Seat A, winning 19,662 votes to Gail Bolin’s 9,245, and Republican Sage Dixon returns for a third term in Seat B, garnering 20,212 votes to challenger Stephen Howlett’s 8,113.