The levy. Again

The levy. Again. Except this time things are enormously different. Over $2 million of the $2.4 million (yearly) levy goes to salaries and benefits.

If a teacher opts to oversee extracurricular activities for instance, the money comes from the levy. If the team needs to travel, the funds for the bus and driver comes from the levy. No levy money equals extracurricular activities get cut. Not core academics.

Now comes the Corona. These activities were stopped. School was stopped. The money from the levy, $200,000 per month, was not spent? Right? Oh wait, personnel were paid anyway? Teachers were also “given” an extra 80 hours of sick leave for Corona relief.

Another coming pandemic is Reclaim Idaho wanting to raise your taxes for teacher salaries. The starting salary, fresh outa college is $45,000. State salary, levy money, Reclaim Idaho money. Let’s just call it the Tax-Payer Triple Pay. Local matters. Vote.

Rosanne Smith, Moyie Springs