Bonners Ferry couple get touching Halloween treat

Nona Kaye and Bill Clark

Nona Kaye and Bill Clark look forward each year to Halloween, greeting as many as 400 trick or treaters each October 31 eve. Their house has long been a must stop for trick or treaters, word passed down from older to younger for generations.

But this year, they had to turn their porch light off.

Bill is fighting bladder cancer, his immune system weakened by the treatments. With regret, they decided it would be unwise to risk exposure.

So on Halloween, the couple sat in the dark, lights off, hearing the scurrying feet, the tentative knocks at the door. Wanting so to answer, but knowing they couldn’t.

It was a rough night for both, but on Sunday morning as she set about her day, Nona Kaye looked out and saw that the flag was up on their mailbox. When she went out to set it aright, she was stopped in her tracks.

Their mailbox, on a sunny Sunday morning, was filled to overflowing with candy, cards and homemade gifts, left by “their” trick or treaters for them.

Editor’s note: The original article misstated the type cancer Bill is fighting, now corrected. I apologize for the error. ~ Mike Weland