Additional detail given on Lincoln County COVID-19 cases

The Lincoln County Health Department released additional detail on the COVID-19 cases today, with eight new cases confirmed.

That brings the total number in the county to date to 342, with 271 recovered, 66 cases active and five deaths. Three Lincoln County residents were hospitalized when the report was released.

Of the cases, 223 people have been residents of the Libby area, 38 of the Troy area and 81 residents of North Lincoln County.

There have been 177 girls and women infected, 165 boys and men, with 58 aged 19 and under, 40 aged 20-29, 36 aged 30-39, 44 aged 40-49, 46 aged 50-59, 58 aged 60-69, 38 aged 70 to 79 and 22 people 80 years or older.

Statewide, there were 757 new cases confirmed in the day ended at 10 a.m. today, bringing the total count to 34,252 cases, 12,370 active, 386 of them hospitalized at the time of the report, 21,496 recovered and 386 dead.

In the Idaho Panhandle, 115 new cases confirmed in the day ended at 5 p.m. today brought the total count to 5,838, with 53 of those infected hospitalized and 4,442 cases closed.

Boundary county has now seen 210 confirmed cases, 124 active and one fatal. Bonner County has had 539 cases, 121 active and two fatal, Kootenai County 4,606 cases, 1,338 active and 50 fatal, Shoshone 293 cases, 26 active and 20 fatal, and Benewah 293 cases, 59 active and three fatal.

Idaho also had 757 cases confirmed for the day, ended at 5 p.m. That brings the state count to 65,845, with 632 dead.

Nationwide, the CDC reports 77,398 new cases were confirmed today and 451 more Americans died of COVID-19. Johns Hopkins now lists 9,282,880 cases as of 5:24 P.M. Eastern, with 231,493 dead.

Among the states, North and South Dakota have seen the most cases in the last seven days per 100,000 population with 146.1 and 131.5, respectively. Montana is fourth highest with 75.5 and Idaho 11th with 46.8. At the other end of the scale, Vermont has 2.4, Hawaii 4.6 and Maine 5.8.

Worldwide, 46,876,663 people have been touched by COVID-19 and 1,205,020 have died of the illness.