COVID risk level to yellow in two more schools

Effective Monday, students at Valley View and Mt. Hall Elementary Schools will join Bonners Ferry High School in the yellow, or category two, school risk for COVID-19 while Boundary County Middle School and Naples Elementary will remain in green, or category one.

Yellow, or category two, calls for two days of class per week per student and two days remote learning. Students whose last names start with the letters A through Kob, Group A, will attend classes Mondays and Tuesdays, those with letters Koc through Z will attend Wednesdays and Thursdays unless arrangements have been made to keep families is school on the same days.

Green, or category one has students in class full time unless they opt for remote learning. In both categories, social distancing protocols are in effect.

As of today, nine staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 and 23 have been quarantined. Many staff members will be able to return to work on Monday.
There are currently 111 students in quarantine across the district because of close contacts and positive cases.

Here’s what the district know about the COVID-19 case(s) reported:

  • The individuals are self-isolating.
  • The safety and well-being of staff and students are the district’s top priorities.

The district is working closely with Panhandle Health and contact tracing is current and up to date at this time. School administration will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

As of today, 177 Boundary County residents have been confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19, with 95 cases active.

Across the Panhandle, there were 128 new cases confirmed, bringing the total count in the five northern counties to 5,453, with 45 currently hospitalized with the illness, which has claimed 75 North Idahoans to date.

Statewide, 961 newly confirmed cases today bring the total to 62,746, with 615 Idahoans dead of novel coronavirus.