Idaho’s online report card gets new features

Idaho’s online report card for public schools and districts now includes new user-friendly features and updated information.

“Our statewide report card has been a huge help to parents, educators and others, with more than 56,000 stakeholders visiting the site during the past year,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said. “I’m excited to continue to improve site navigation and content, even though disruptions caused by the pandemic limited the amount of accountability data we could gather and report.”

Data that has been updated on the report card includes:

  • School enrollment and demographics
  • English learner progress and proficiency
  • Class of 2019 4-year graduation rate
  • Class of 2018 5-year graduation rate
  • Teacher workforce data

Among the data that could not be updated because of the pandemic are:

  • Idaho Standards Achievement Test proficiency and growth data
  • Spring Idaho Reading Indicator results and comparison with fall testing
  • Student, parent and staff surveys to measure engagement
  • Subgroup achievement data needed to measure a school’s progress under an improvement plan.

New features of the report card include an updated home page with informational tidbits and a “browse” feature that allows users to more easily explore different schools.

Another feature to be added this winter will show districts’ special education performance according to 17 key indicators.

“We will continue adding features and information to this site,” Superintendent Ybarra said. “Ultimately, we want to provide stakeholders with a one-stop shop for all important data on Idaho schools and districts.”

The State Department of Education’s online K-12 report card, first unveiled in December 2018, is a portal into the results of Idaho’s state accountability plan, approved by the U.S. Department of Education. In addition to a wealth of data, the plan identifies schools that are underperforming so the SDE can partner with local school leadership teams to identify specific supports and plans for improvement. It also celebrates schools’ successes and provides educators additional tools for measuring growth.

Last year the national Data Quality Campaign highlighted Idaho as one of three “States to Watch” for the quality of their online report cards. The group singled out Idaho for making its new Report Card easier to navigate, and for offering Spanish translations and performance data from subgroups including military families, foster care and homelessness.