Check your carbon monoxide detectors Monday in memory of a Bonners Ferry icon

The Bonners Ferry American Legion and the Creston BC Canadian Legion had fun stealing the stuffed Caribou head back-and-forth from each other for several years. From left to right -Ted Helmer, Don Kerby, Jim Graves, Lester Howard, Bert Hunter, Harold Sims and Pete Wilson, circa 1960.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas, and on November 26, 2003, it left our community reeling in shock, having claimed the life of Bonners Ferry stalwart Peter B. Wilson and his son, Kip, who was visiting, nearly claimed Pete’s wife, Rhoda, and son Neil, who were rendered unconscious but revived, and nearly overcame four others in the home after a pool heater malfunctioned, filling the home with an insidious and invisible killer.

This time of year brings back bad memories, son Tim Wilson said, and he encourages everyone to check their smoke alarms as well as their CO detectors, an inexpensive item that should be in every home and building people spend time in.

“A small bit of diligence can save lives, and save others from going through what I and my family endured,” he said.

A national campaign was started a few years ago encouraging home and business owners to check their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in March on the day clock’s spring ahead, which is an excellent idea, but in Bonners Ferry, it’s fitting to check them November 26 as well, in remembrance of a man born in Bonners Ferry and who dedicated his life to his family and his community.