Moyie Springs Haunted Hills offers three nights of Halloween Fun

By day, Moyie Springs Haunted Hills looks almost harmless …

Halloween approaches, and the hills are calling. The Moyie Springs Haunted Hills at 1801 Eileen Road. Beware the fog, the monsters, the shrieks and things that go bump in the night.

The dim eyes peering at you from the darkness from the grave yard … do you dare venture out on this spooky path? But, what of the monsters? Do they bite? Do they grind the bones and marrow of plump young children to add savor to their soup?

Only the daring will find out at this free family-friendly bit of outdoor trick-or-treatery open to young and old alike!

To get there, turn north on Eileen Road across Highway 2 from the Moyie Store, drive three miles just past the Moyie Mud Bog and take the first driveway on the right. Signs will mark the way to the parking area.

But by night, beware!

And boos and ghouls interested in volunteering to help with the haunted outdoor extravaganza are encouraged to apply, just call Barbara Casey, (208) 304-5664.

Organizers are working hard and will open Moyie Springs Haunted Hills three nights only from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday, October 29 through Saturday, October 31.

There will be candy for the kids, and perhaps for the adults as well if they ask nicely!

And it’s all free … guests asked only to respect the property … it’s okay to lose your wits, but please, don’t leave your litter!

Families can go through together, but social distancing will be practiced (it’s easier for the monsters to get you when you travel in small groups!) and masks are encouraged … perhaps they will scare the clackity cadavers!

To learn more, call (208) 304-5664 or (208) 304-5592.