Sage Dixon: Effective, Honest, Principled

Politicians are a dime a dozen. We see them all over our television screens blaming each other and rarely solving the problems they say they will if we’ll just give them our votes.

And we see them in our local central committee, where some elected precinct committeeman, who are tasked with supporting our GOP primary winners, are instead pushing a write-in candidate and publicly sniping at the candidate who handily won his, destructively dividing the party into factions.

And then there are true statesmen.

And that’s where Sage Dixon lands.

Dixon is not and has never been a self-congratulatory, look-at-me banner-waver. Instead, he works quietly, and effectively, on behalf of his constituents, where he’s worked to lower taxes, helped secure funding for area schools, taken positions he knew were politically-dangerous but the right thing to do. He has never wavered in doing whatever he can to further our freedoms.

He listens to his constituents and does whatever he can to make their requests a reality.

And it’s why he deserves re-election.

So please vote for Sage Dixon, a statesman, not a politician, on November 3rd. It’s the right thing to do.

Sandra Rutherford