KVT needs help rebuilding calendar of events

By Mike Weland, Publisher

As with any time of change, the past few weeks have been challenging and fraught with setback as we created our own content management system and switched from an established system to one we continue to develop. We don’t quite have all the bugs ironed out, but we are wanting to get moving on the next big task; recreating our community calendar to once again make it the most inclusive events listing of our coverage area available.

We anticipated receiving our content databases from the nearly two years we were affiliates of Town News, but have not, and that means we have to rebuild our calendar from scratch, which will give us the opportunity to make it even better than it was before, but we need your help.

We need our readers to sends us news on meetings, be they club or organizations, governments or churches, school boards, auxiliaries … any community meeting to which the public is welcome. Please send us the group or organization name, the name of the event, the time ands date or, if it’s a recurring meeting, when it’s held and how often. We’ll need the location, to include the physical address, contact information for any questions we or readers may have and any additional details you’d like readers to know. If you have a logo, photo or image you’d like used, please include that.

If there’s a regular agenda published, please add KVT to your media distribution list so we can post it.

We welcome events of anything happening in or topical to the Kootenai River Valley, from Libby to Bonners Ferry to Creston. There is no charge for basic calendar of events listings, but we do offer radio and display advertising and additional services to help draw extra attention to your listing, if interested, let us know!

Information can be emailed to events@kvt.news, mailed to KVT, P.O. Box 1625, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805, or dropped off at the back door of our office at 6931 Main Street at the top of the south hill … just pull into the alley off the northbound lane by the bright yellow bench between Jackson and Monroe Streets; we’re the little white house  on the corner with the green Kootenai Valley Times sign affixed to  the front.

In addition to calendar items and events, we welcome news tips, press releases, including photos and art, and MP3 soundbites and PSAs for radio, as well as wedding, birth and other social announcements, obituaries, letters to the editor, guest articles, legal notices (published as news) … all the things you’d send your hometown newspaper and radio station. We do accept material for anonymous publication, but we do require the author’s name and daytime phone number for verification purposes.

We can’t guarantee we can get everything in, but we can guarantee we’ll do our best. We reserve the right to edit for style and clarity, and will contact the author on items we’d like to publish but which require major editing or additional information.

To learn more, call (208) 295-1016.