Praises for the ‘Terry Davis Project’

By Jo Len Everhart

Lots of praises for the “Terry Davis Project,” which is almost completed — after many answered prayers and miracles!

Terry got a letter from her insurance company October 1, saying she had to complete three things prior to her premium renewal date of February, 2021: repaint her home completely, cut down/trim trees over the house and garage and replace rotten boards on fascia and corners.

Terry had almost finished scraping the front of her home all by herself before anyone saw what was happening.

After getting Terry’s approval, an e-mail request for volunteer workers went out on Friday, October 9.

By Sunday night, it was obvious God was at work, as phone calls started coming in—from both United Methodists and non-members alike.

The first call was from one of Terry’s neighbors who volunteered with his bucket truck. He took care of trimming trees over her house and used his bucket so volunteers could scrape safely, without being on high ladders.

The second call was from a friend in Naples who was able to cut the big trees over the garage with his special saw. He heard about the project from some United Methodist members who had moved away from Bonners Ferry more than 15 years ago but they still get our prayer letters. They were on vacation in Arizona, so they phoned their friend in Naples because they knew he would want to help Terry!

Then another friend in Naples, a retired carpenter, volunteered to fix the rotten boards.

The manager of the store where Terry bought the paint was extremely helpful, giving excellent advice after he looked at recent, close-up photos of her home, telling us “don’t use your borrowed pressure washer on your cedar shake siding because that would destroy those weathered shakes” and more — and then he even gave her a discount on the paint and supplies!

A total of 16 volunteers physically worked on the project, plus others at home prayed and contributed to help defray Terry’s paint cost.

Monday, the paint was purchased. Tuesday, five volunteers, with aid of the bucket truck, cut down the limbs over the house and dragged them to a burn pile in a snow blizzard so hard that it was hard to get pictures of the hardy soul in the bucket with a saw!

Wednesday, 11 volunteers scraped off old paint using the bucket truck for the three higher gable ends, and taped over windows and doors. The rotten boards were replaced.

Thursday was our only beautiful day, although barely 50 degrees, and 11 more volunteers, some different from the previous day, spray painted the whole house, then took off all the window and door coverings and were able to get primer on just before dark.

Also on Thursday, many huge trees over the garage were totally removed. Friday, a work party of six traveled to Eastport, but the rain was so heavy that the only work that could be done was sanding and painting one coat on a metal exterior door that opened inward to get out of the downpour.

Each day, volunteers supplied snacks, drinks and lunches of hot soup, sandwiches and desserts.

The only jobs left are one final coat on the windows and doors, although the primer almost makes them look “finished” right now, and painting the deck, which was not even on the “must-do” list from the insurance company. Volunteers are planning to finish these two projects on the next sunny day.

Many thanks to all the enthusiastic helpers! Their names are not mentioned because the final credit really belongs to God, who directs these willing hearts to accomplish good things.