Idaho GOP supports voting yes on Constitutional Amendment HJR4

This year, Idahoan’s will vote on constitutional amendment House Joint Resolution 4. The Idaho Republican Party has received many inquiries on this ballot initiative, and after a discussion and vote by the Executive Board, the Idaho Republican Party supports voting yes on HJR4.

HJR4 is a constitutional amendment that would lock in the number of legislative districts across Idaho at 35 districts. Currently, in the Idaho constitution, the state can fluctuate between 30 to 35 legislative districts. With redistricting quickly approaching at the conclusion of the 2020 census, there is widespread support across the state to ensure that the number of legislative districts is fixed at the maximum of 35.

In the State Legislature during the 2020 session, HJR4 passed nearly unanimously. By ensuring no less than 35 districts, Idaho’s rural communities will continue to have a strong voice in the State Legislature, and voters will be provided a much needed sense of consistency in their state government.

IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna said, “This is an extremely important step to protect the rural communities’ voice in the legislature as Idaho continues to grow. I am pleased that our Executive Board voted to support this initiative, and I look forward to supporting it on my ballot.”

Chairman Luna continued, “In the future, I welcome conversations on increasing the number of legislative districts in Idaho to make sure that all communities have an equal voice in the legislature. Idaho’s rural values are the bedrock of our state, and we must always ensure they have a seat at the table as well. The last thing Idaho needs is to go the way of Oregon or Washington, who’s policies are controlled exclusively by their urban centers.”

The Idaho Republican Party encourages voters to select yes on the constitutional amendment HJR4 that is on the ballot this November.