Man killed in FBI shootout had Bonners Ferry past

Eric Allport K9
Heights photo

A man killed October 2 in an alleged shootout with FBI agents attempting to arrest him at a Texas Roadhouse in Madison Heights, Michigan, had, as a boy, lived in Bonners Ferry and lost friends Samuel and Vicky Weaver in the Ruby Ridge standoff.

According to FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider, Detroit Field office, the attempted arrest of Allport was not associated with the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Eric Mark-Matthew Allport, 43, born in Michigan, was the son of Bill and Judy Grider, who were neighbors and friends of the Weavers, on occasion taking groceries to the family during the time they lived in near isolation after an arrest warrant was issued for Randy on a sawed-off shotgun charge.

Eric and Sammy were both 14 when Sammy was killed in August, 1991.

Judy and Bill Grider, Spokesman Review photo by Jesse Tinsley

Judy and Bill held beliefs similar to the Weavers and were vocal members of the crowd at the roadblock throughout the siege. Eric, Sammy and Sarah Weaver were friends.

They now live in Detroit, where Eric, said to be a Boogaloo Boi and now considered a martyr by the movement, moved six years ago after serving an 11-year prison sentence for shooting two police officers.

The boogaloo movement, whose adherents are often referred to as boogaloo boys or boogaloo bois, is a loosely organized far-right, anti-government, and extremist political movement in the United States, according to Wikipedia, whose adherents say they are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil War, which they call the boogaloo.

Boogaloo has been used on the fringe imageboard website 4chan since 2012, but it did not come to widespread attention until late 2019.

Allport was part owner of K-9 Heights, a dog training business that trains and works with police dogs.

According to Robert Snell, Detroit News, Allport died of multiple gunshot wounds in the parking lot of the restaurant as FBI agents attempted to serve the warrant for a federal weapons offense.

One FBI agent was wounded.