Another Montana COVID record, two in one week

Yet another COVID-19 record set in Montana with 501 new cases confirmed in the 24 hours ending at 10 a.m. Mountain today. That brings the state total to 14,356 cases, with 186 Montanans dead of the virus.

The previous record, 429 cases, was set Tuesday.

Lincoln County saw 11 new cases confirmed Friday, bringing the county total to 148, with 38 currently active and four hospitalized. Three county residents have died of COVID-19.

In Idaho, 677 new cases confirmed in the day ended at 5 p.m. Pacific Friday, bringing the state total to 43,238 cases and 474 dead. Boundary County now has 59 confirmed cases.

Nationwide, 50,160 new cases confirmed in the day ended at 12:44 p.m. Eastern today, and 816 more Americans died.

On the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map, the United States is still the reddest of any of the world’s nations, with 7,351,767 confirmed cases and 208,940 souls dead to the virus.


One thought on “Another Montana COVID record, two in one week

  1. So we have not turned a corner on this infection yet. We must keep up the vigilence, however tired we all are of this. I read that if 95 percent of the population wore a mask for a month, we could actually turn a corner on the infection rate.

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