Montana sets another COVID-19 record

Montana daily COVID-19 counts.

Another COVID-19 record in Montana, where 429 new cases confirmed in the day ended at 10 a.m. today brings the total case count to 13,500.

Yellowstone County accounted for 93 of the new cases, Cascade County had 67 and Flathead County 66. Three new cases were confirmed in Lincoln County, bringing the total count to 131, with 25 active, 103 recovered and three dead.

Statewide, there are 3,891 active cases as of 10 a.m. today, 9,428 recovered and 181 dead.

In the Idaho Panhandle, 35 new cases today bring the count in the five North Idaho counties to 3,540, with 3,093 recovered and 56 dead. As of 5 p.m. today, 25 North Idahoans are hospitalized for COVID 19.

Total county-by-county case counts are 58 for Boundary, 359 Bonner, 2,761 Kootenai, 213 Shoshone and 149 Benewah.

Statewide, 513 cases confirmed today raise the count to 42,561, with 472 dead.

In the Interior Health Region of BC, two new cases in the day ended at 4:30 p.m. today raises the count to 535, with 17 cases active, two still hospitalized, 516 recovered and two deaths.

Province-wide, 82 new cases bring the total to 9,220, 1,261 active with 69 hospitalized, 19 in intensive care. 235 British Columbians have died of COVID-19.

The United States COVID-19 count increased today by 45,342 and 1,030 more Americans died today. Bonner County has a population of 45,739.

As of 4:23 p.m. Eastern today, Johns Hopkins shows the U.S. as having 7,272,943 cases of COVID-19 to date, with 207,743 dead in the nine months of pandemic so far.

Kootenai County has a population of 165,697, Boundary County has 12,245, Shoshone, 12,882 and Benewah 9,298, a total of 200,122 people.

Canada has had 162,929 cases and 9,368 deaths.

Globally, 34,135,200 have contracted novel coronavirus, 1,017,083 have died.

The population of Montana is 960,566. The population of Bonner County is 45,739, a total of 1,006,305.

Idaho daily COVID-19 count.
British Columbia daily COVID-19 count.