Judge okays IDFG overreach

A federal judge has upheld the right of Idaho Fish & Game to operate checkpoints. Unlike the boat check stations where you only need to stop if you have a watercraft, everyone must stop at these checkpoints.

What does this mean for every citizen?

You are mandated to stop, while stopped the agent will have full visual access to your vehicle. Can they look in your trunk? Can they take your weapons? Must every citizen in the vehicle provide identification?

If you don’t stop? I imagine other local agencies will be informed, involved and you’re going to be arrested. It happened here, in Boundary County.

There are those who still hold that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Recent national events should have you re-thinking that.

Perhaps legislators should look at curbing Idaho F&G overreach instead of spending $10-million for new offices.

Rosanne Smith, Moyie Springs