Area closures set for Bernard Fire

Effective immediately, Idaho Panhandle National Forests officials have put in place a temporary area and road closure to protect public and firefighter safety during suppression efforts for the Bernard Fire on the Sandpoint Ranger District.

Discovered Monday, the Bernard Fire is burning in steep terrain near Bernard Point, overlooking the south shore of Lake Pend Oreille.

Current size is estimated at 188 acres and the cause is under investigation. Firefighters continue working today to hold the fire from progressing to the east using multiple helicopters and Fire Bosses. Three engine crews and two Initial Attack modules are working to contain the fire on the south portion of the fire where the terrain is more accessible. Contingency line is being planned on the west portion of the fire on Bernard Peak.

The following closure is in place until rescinded:

Area Closure: Beginning at Steamboat Rock on the shoreline of Lake Pend Oreille, then proceeding westerly along the shoreline to the section line between Sections 10 and 11 (Township 53 North, Range 2 West, B.M.). Then proceeding directly south to the divide between Sawpit Creek and Barker Creek, then turning east along the this divide to Bernard Peak. Proceeding south from Bernard Peak to the intersection of Trail 6001 and Road 2707, then following along the eastern edge of Road 2707 to the intersection with Road 332, then proceeding along the northeastern edge of Road 332 to the intersection with Road 278. Then proceeding northeasterly along the northern edge of Road 278 to the intersection with Road 2707. Then proceeding along the western edge of Road 2707 to the intersection with Road 2707B to the northern edge of Section 10 (Township 53 North, Range 1 West, B.M.). Then proceeding west along the section line to the shoreline of Lake Pend Oreille. Then proceeding southwesterly along the shoreline to the starting point at Steamboat Rock.

Roads 332 and 278 are not included in the closure. Trail 6001 is not included in the closure.

Being on the following roads are prohibited:

  • FSR 2707: from its intersection with Trail 6001 to the intersection with FSR 2707B
  • FSR 2708
  • FSR 2708A
  • FSR 278A
  • FSR 278B
  • FSR 278D
  • FSR 278E
  • A portion of 2707UA (on NFS lands)
  • Being on the following trails are prohibited:
  • A portion of Trail 37 (on NFS lands)
  • Trail 2707A

For additional information on wildfire activity, you can find the Bernard Fire on InciWeb.