Firefighters put up with rough terrain, unruly onlookers to fight Moyie River wildfire.

By Mike Weland

Wisps of smoke are visible at the base of the Moyie River Canyon, where firefighters on land and in the air performed heroically, in spite of dangerous actions by onlookers.

Thanks to the epic exertions of firefighters on the ground and the daring of a helicopter crew flying in water drops, a small fire on the steep and barely accessible west side of the Moyie River beneath the Moyie River Bridge is under control.

The fire, possibly started by fireworks, was reported at about 10:22 a.m. today, and Moyie Springs Fire Chief Ken English was one of the first to get eyes on, calling it a small fire in the rocks in rugged terrain. As firefighters worked to get a hose to the blaze, a helicopter arrived and flew beneath the bridge to deliver multiple small water drops to keep the fire confined and away from the homes on the rim.

As darkness set in, ground crews, able to contain the blaze but not extinguish it, were able to set sprinklers to run through the night to soak the area before expected high winds arrive Monday morning.

Sadly, firefighters working the blaze had to call law enforcement at least twice as people climbed on the catwalk beneath the Moyie River Bridge, not merely trespassing  to get a better view, but tossing items down toward where the firefighters were working. Fortunately, none were hit.


2 thoughts on “Firefighters put up with rough terrain, unruly onlookers to fight Moyie River wildfire.

  1. I can say only good things about our hard working first responders in the area. We are so blessed to have crews of dedicated men and women who work to protect our country and our rights.

    I’m disgusted that “onlookers” would behave in such a deplorable manner…shame on you.

    Unfortunately we have such an influx of population I feel this area is losing some of it’s greatness. Remember why you moved here. Don’t try to bring your politics, your rude hurried life, just enjoy the mountains, our people, our hospitality, our pride of cleanliness and justice. Strive to maintain a respect for people in all walks of life, and on a basic human level, just exercise a little self control. Dropping debris on hard working firefighters? SHAME ON YOU

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