Author McCallum Morgan published sixth book

Bonners Ferry’s McCallum Morgan published his latest book earlier this month; “Ultimatum,” book two in his four book “Hypostasis” space opera series is now available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

“Ultimatum picks up about two years after the cataclysmic events of Emergence, the first book in a planned four-book saga,” McCallum said. “Without giving too many spoilers, the galactic empire is split in two, with a coalition of rebellious sectors and cults fighting for independence from the Empire and the stat religion. Things are shaky within the Imperial state due to events in the previous book shaking the foundations of their religion. Against the backdrop of grand-scale action and philosophical moral questions, the real story is about the people on the ground.
“The ones dragged into the big ideological battles—it’s really about how when you don’t really know what to fight for, you have to fight for each other. At the end of the day, it’s the individuals that matter, not the ideas.

The main character is empathic. He can feel the emotions of everyone around him. It turns his experience in war into a next-level hell, but it’s an opportunity to explore how blind we sometimes are to those around us. How similar we actually are, despite our imagined, ideological, or physical differences. It’s a bit new-age, but its the truth.”

A modern day Renaissance man whose day job at Caribou Creek Log Homes belies the artistic side of his nature that drives him, McCallum has been writing since before he was a teenager.

“My first series, the Weather Casters Trilogy, was the pseudo-historical steampunk-myth chimera that I started when I was probably 12,” he said. “Then the zombie book, Ambulatory Cadavers, jumped out of the hydrangeas and ate my brains. Then the space opera took over. And next there will be a vampire horror, which I always knew I wanted to write but was just waiting for the right idea.

“The one that came was not the one I expected, but I’ve accepted that my writing muse will probably always ambush me with whatever bizarre off-the-wall new thing I will least expect. I plan to release the vampire novel as a free serial in my newsletter as a lead-up to Halloween this year. And then I will be back to work on Hypostasis, Book 3.”

“Hypostasis: Ultimatum” is $2.99 in Kindle and $14.99 in paperback, and you can learn more about McCallum and see and buy all six of his published books on his Amazon Kindle page.


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  1. Way to go McCallum….Got lots of writing time now don’t you?!!! This is from Sharon,,one of us four “dancing girls”…Missin Open Mike Nite!!

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